30 Day Referral Machine

5x Your Insurance Commissions 100% By Referral Only

Insurance Agent of the Year Reveals:

Buying Insurance Leads is a Broken System, but NOT your only option.

Instead, there is a way to do MORE business 100% by referral only and drastically reduce your marketing expenses without having to sacrifice sales… Actually you’ll make more money and you won’t ever have to cold call again. Your clients will call you.

Learn EXACTLY how you can do this too. No Guesswork, Just Results.

System Suitable for All Types of Insurance Agents

“I did an extra $2000 in commissions in the first thirty days! Thanks Shelley!”

Debbie | Property & Health

“With Shelley’s help I did 217k in production and $76k in commissions in my first full year as an insurance agent. Not to brag, but I was named rookie of the year. Thanks Shelley! ”

David | Property & Health

“2 years ago I saw $130k in commissions, this last year I passed $180k!!! Thanks Shelley, you’ve helped me a lot.”

Ashley | Health & Medicare

What is the 30 Day Referral Machine?

The insurance industry is filled with people struggling with three main things:

  1. They don’t make enough sales to live comfortably, let alone the life of their dreams.
  2. They are being told to buy leads and cold call people.
  3. There is little to no high quality instruction from insurance companies on how to get more business.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true.

Many managers in the insurance industry are managers because they weren’t successful with sales. They don’t really know how to get business, but they do know that you need to do it. This is why you may have received instruction to either purchase cold leads or cross-sell to your current clients.

The main problem is that most insurance agents don’t have enough clients to cross-sell to. If they did, they probably wouldn’t be asking for help.

Important Question

What do you do when you don't have a huge book of business, you hate cold calling, and you're tired of wasting money on bad leads?

Purchasing leads is expensive and the quality is very poor. The problem with purchased leads is that people have no idea who you are. They likely filled out some random form 14 to 60 days ago… So you call them and they have no idea who you are or why you are calling. They usually have forgotten that they ever filled out a form, or… Another agent got to them first.

Yes. That’s right. No matter what they tell you, they are selling the same “leads” to other agents too.

This is because lead selling is a volume based business and people buying old leads aren’t calling them fast enough to actually successfully turn them into paying clients. (You’re supposed to call a lead within 5 to 15 minutes of them requesting help).

Not fun. And this is why the top closers in the world only close 10% of their purchased leads. That means 9 times out of 10 they are receiving bad news.

This has a terrible effect on your morale and is a large part of the reason why agents grow to hate insurance sales, but can’t switch carriers because they feel stuck.

Just like Shelley used to be.

Key Point

Lead sellers sell the same leads to other insurance agents. It's the only way to prevent their "leads" from going to "waste".

Shelley had followed bad advice for 15 years only to leave her hating her life. She knew others in the industry that were doing so much better than her and they seemed like they weren’t stressed at all. They had nice homes and plenty of money for bills and vacations.

So rather than continuing to do the things that were making it hard to get out of bed in the morning, she threw her hands up and said, “That’s it. I’m starting over.”.

She sold EVERYTHING. All of her assets and her entire book of business. And after 15 years of blood, sweat, and tears… She only netted $75,000.

But Shelley's story didn't end there.

She knew she needed help so she sought out a mentor. He had a nice home, worked way less than her while making way more money. His wife didn’t have to work… She knew he was doing something different. So she asked for his help.

Using this new system to grow her brand new agency (starting from scratch), she did $128k in commissions in her first year WITHOUT a previous book of business. You see, she couldn’t “cross-sell” because she had a no-compete agreement with her previous insurance carrier.

The difference was that she did all of this business 100% by referral only without buying leads.

It didn’t stop there. The next year she did $220k in commissions. Then $299k in commissions. Then $375k in commissions.

All of this 100% by referral only. She collects regular renewal commissions and her clients stick with her year after year.

She went from her worst nightmare to a dream come true simply because she CHANGED her system for getting new clients.

How to Get to $375,000 in Commissions

"If you keep doing what you're doing trying to sell insurance, the same things will keep happening. If you want better results, you have to change your approach."

Shelley Grandidge

Then one of her carriers asked her to train other agents and she realized… I should package ALL of this information together and help other insurance agents break free from the not-worth-it grind of buying leads and hoping for sales.

So that’s what she did. The 30 Day Referral Machine Program is her exact system laid out step by step in a clear and easy to follow way.

If you want to increase your commissions year after year, like Shelley did, then check out the 30 Day Referral Machine.

How Does it Work?

Cross Selling Not Required

This program focuses on getting new clients through a proven referral marketing system. You don’t need to have a huge book of business for you to cross sell to in order to do this.

No Cold Calling

Shelley hates cold calling. Her system requires no cold calling. She only does inbound calls (where the clients call her). This saves her much time and energy so she can focus on receiving more referrals.

No Buying Leads

Shelley doesn’t buy leads. This saves on expenses and helps to improve your energy levels. You don’t have to deal with a 10% closing rate. Shelley easily closes her referrals at 90%.

Course Explanation & Overview

Learn on Your Schedule

This is an online course. There are no specific lesson times to attend. You will be given access to the material up front so you can get to work right away. This information is accessible anywhere there is internet (even from your phone). Whether you like to start the day off with some learning or the only extra time you have is after you put the kids to bed, this course is ready for you. You control how quickly you move through the material and start seeing results.

Plus, the growing group culture and live Q&As help you make the most out of the material and put it to action.

Module 1:
30 Day Referral Machine Checklists

  1. First 30 Day Checklist
  2. Monthly Action Checklist
  3. Annual Review Checklist

Module 2:
Foundations & Mindset

  1. Mistakes That Will Kill Your Results
  2. Time, Money, & Energy Management

Module 3:
Your First Steps

  1. Defining Your Target Market
  2. Identifying Good Referral Partners
  3. Business Cards & Flyers

Module 4:
Finding Good Networking Groups

  1. The Group Finder - Finding Good Local Networking Groups That You’ve Never Thought of Before
  2. How to Attend & Profit from Groups
  3. How to Schedule & Conduct Successful Referral Partner Meetings
  4. How to Schedule & Conduct Successful Follow-Up Meetings

Module 5:
Networking Group Presentation Guide

  1. Profitable Introductions: The Elevator Speech & So Much More
  2. Profitable Long Presentations

Module 6:
Online Networking Through LinkedIn

  1. Step-by-Step LinkedIn Process for Generating Qualified Referrals

Module 7:
Staying Top of Mind

  1. The Importance of Follow-Up & The Winning Way to Do It
  2. Option: Send Out Cards

Module 8:
Continuously Building Momentum

  1. Focus & Self Motivation: The BIG Whiteboard
  2. Tracking Referral Activity and Return on Time Investment

Module 9:
Show Appreciation & Receive More Referrals

  1. Lunch & Learns
  2. Incentivizing Referrals

Bonus: Success Checklist

You don't have to hang around guessing where you should start. Shelley has prepared a step-by-step checklist for you to follow so you can get results as fast as possible! This will help you implement this program as quickly and as efficiently as possible!

Bonus: Elite Group Access

Gain momentum at rapid speeds by being a part of a community of people working hard to do the same thing as you. This exclusive group gives you direct access to the support you need to increase your commissions. Share your results, receive support, and feed off of the energy and momentum of others just like you!

Bonus: Live Q&A

Ask Shelley your questions directly. With over 20 years in the industry, she's seen it all. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Not only is she the industry leader for insurance commissions, she's also a 90% closer. She knows how to package and sell insurance better than anyone else. Plus, she's not one to back down from hard questions. At the end of the day, she's committed to helping you get the results you want so you can continue to help others comfortably.

Bonus: Worksheets

Get access to the exact worksheets that Shelley uses to continue to grow her business, find new referral partners, and increase her commissions year after year. This helps to keep the process simple and manageable while eliminating any guesswork.

Bonus: Future Updates

We're committed to improving our program. You won't have to pay for future updates to 30 Day Referral Machine, all future updates are included. Send us your feedback and let us know what you would like to learn. We're committed to help you achieve your goals!

Save $300

If you act now, you can save $300 on the 30 Day Referral Machine and secure lifetime access!


Q: What types of insurance does this work for?

Short Answer:

Long Answer:
This isn't a method for selling one specific type of insurance, this is a method for getting qualified referrals on a regular basis. This method can be used for any type of insurance that you sell. It's a matter of creating a system that makes people think of you first so they send you business on repeat.

Shelley has sold many types of insurance over the years, but her favorites at this point in her career are Health and Medicare. She uses her system to also partner with other agents who don't sell what she sells. It's a win win.

Q: Are your programs only for women?

No. Our programs are not just for women. Our founder, Shelley Grandidge, is a woman. Back in 2019, she became the first woman to ever win Agent of the year, which is the agent with the most sales. Hence where the name "Dynamic Divaz" comes from. Shelley's original coach was a male. The practices she teaches work for both men and women, it's just a matter of knowing exactly what to do step-by-step.

Q: Am I joining your team or working for you?

You are not. Shelley is a solo independent insurance agent. She doesn't have a team for anyone to join. This program teaches you how to remain in control of your financial destiny with insurance sales.

Q: Do I need a big email list or book of business for this to work?

You can start from GROUND ZERO, which is exactly what Shelley did. She had sold off her entire book of business and her entire contact list. She had noting. She went from ZERO to $128,000 in commissions (and $500,000 in production) her very first year with her new scratch agency.

Q: How do I know this isn't some type of scam?

How do I know this isn't some type of scam?

I'm sure we've all been burned by false promises over the years, so this question is understandable. I know that the numbers I'm sharing may sound too good to be true. There was a time when I would have been just as skeptical if I saw this.

The thing is that this is a method for creating a powerful referral network. This is the exact same method that I have used for the last 4 years to completely change my life. Everything in this system is something that I do on a regular basis. I've streamlined it and ironed out the mistakes to make it easier on you.

The goal is to steadily increase your recurring book of business without having to increase your expenses. This is what I do and I started small just like many insurance agents out there.

Q: Is this a way to "get rich quick" in the insurance industry?

Absolutely not. Things like that don't exist. Everything takes work and effort, just like this system.

Will this system help you make more money and work fewer hours? If you're currently cold calling and buying leads, then it will most likely reduce your workload. That is what it has done for me. I used to work 60 to 80 hours a week. Now I work about 30 and make more money. Creating a referral network system like this takes time. That being said, after 30 days, if you do everything I say, you should already be seeing additional business. From there, it's a matter of sticking with it and continuing to grow your network using this system. Every step is laid out and all you have to do is duplicate what I do.

Q: If I do what you say and follow your program, will I start getting referrals and making more sales?

If you follow the system you definitely will. People who don't get results are people who don't do any of the work. I can only show you the doors, you have to open them.

Q: Am I buying leads from you?

No. Absolutely not. Buying leads is a scam.

If you're currently consistently buying leads and not getting the results you want... Make sure you stop to think about one thing: "If I continue to do the same things I'm doing, should I expect any level of new result? Or should I expect more of the same result?"

The answer is clear. If you keep doing what you're doing you will just get more of the same.

If you do what I'm doing, then you'll start getting results like me.

Save $300

If you act now, you can save $300 on the 30 Day Referral Machine and secure lifetime access!

About Shelley

I'm a Hard Worker

"I tend to really go all in and work hard at stuff. If you want to get the most results, I recommend you do this with anything that’s important to you. Whether that be insurance sales or something else."

I'm a Mom

"I have a daughter and I love her very much. I’m very blessed to get to travel with her often now. This is the thing I’m most grateful for when it comes to my insurance sales numbers."

I'm a Wife

"I have a husband. He’s a great man (and my biggest fan). He’s also in the insurance industry."

I'm an Active Agent

"I still am an active agent in the insurance industry. All the strategies in my program I use on a regular basis."

I Like to Party

"I like to go out with friends and have fun. I do a lot of “girls weekends”. I’m very grateful for the freedom my referral system gives me."

Agent of the Year Award
Shelley Grandidge was the first woman in this company’s long history to win Agent of the Year, which is the agent with the most insurance sales.

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30 Day Referral Machine

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Your Future Starts Today

"This course includes everything you need to start growing your annual commissions right away! The course is both optimized and complete. You’ll receive a step by step easy to understand game plan without crowding up your busy schedule. If you follow along and take the same steps I did, you’ll be well on your way to growing your annual commissions every year the exact same way I do. I’ll see you on the inside!"

Shelley Grandidge
Founder & Independent Insurance Agent