If you have a large or small team and would like to see each of them increase their yearly production and commissions, then Shelley Grandidge is the coach you need.

Not only will she motivate them and hold them accountable to their goals, she’ll teach them how to effectively find new clients on a regular basis.

Productivity & Profit

Whether you have a team based environment or you’re a much larger company that supports many individual agents, one thing that we’ve found is that people tend to thrive when they are surrounded with momentum building strategies and stories.

Not Knowing What to Do

The most common problem for new insurance agents is simply not knowing what to do. We completely eliminate that and give our clients a STEP-BY-STEP method to follow. This is the exact method Shelley used to become agent of the year.

Buying Bad Leads

Another barrier that agents tend to struggle with is having to spend large amounts of money purchasing leads. The process doesn’t work very well and can be very disheartening. Many agents feel like they can’t be successful if they don’t have thousands upon thousands of dollars to invest in purchased leads.

Our system completely eliminates this obstacle. Shelley did $375,000 in commissions WITHOUT buying a single lead. This allows agents to start making money right away. Plus, it decreases each agents workload so they don’t reach critical exhaustion levels. They don’t have to make cold calls and they don’t have to get 50 “NOs” per day.

Free Training

  • Six Figure Commissions
  • Avoid Wasted Money On Bad Leads
  • Never Make Another Cold Call
  • No More Overtime Work Hours

“Shelley Grandidge took the time to train new and tenured agents on the best practices of Networking and growing your own business. She coached fellow agents on how to manage their time so they are productive as well as how to contact prospective customers. There were a total of 61 agents who benefited from her training during the course of several weeks. We are thankful for the expertise Shelley provides to those around her to help others succeed. ”


“I had been in this industry for 16 years. Shelley’s story and methods for success are helping me get back in the saddle and start growing my income again. I had went through a lot of changes over the years that lead me away from what was working. Luckily, with Shelley’s guidance and support, I have a clear path forward. I’m more organized than ever before and have a good handle on my numbers from month to month. Shelly’s teaching and worksheets help me stay on track and keep me focused each day. Also, your method for finding and reaching out to previous clients was exactly what I needed and has resulted in more sales already. Thanks!”


“I just want to thank Shelley for openly sharing her methods for success and passing them on to others like me! Shelley’s sales methods are exceptional and are already helping me close more Medicare sales. The method she taught me to present options for Medicare and total per option are working great. Shelley is so transparent and doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to helping me reach my sales goals. Plus, I’ve started to build referral partners using Shelley’s methods and am already seeing referrals come in. I wasn’t making these efforts before, but the right coach keeps me focused on what matters.”


Free Training

  • Six Figure Commissions
  • Avoid Wasted Money On Bad Leads
  • Never Make Another Cold Call
  • No More Overtime Work Hours

Team-Based Insurance Sales Foundations

Easy to Follow Strategies

The strategies that we teach are very straightforward and easy to follow. We’ve found that team members do better with clear direction, so we provide that. There’s no guesswork or complicated technology involved. The barriers for getting results are minimal.

Hands-On Help

With our elite training private groups (on Facebook), our clients thrive off of hands on coaching for finding new businesses and making sales. Also, we’ve found that being able to celebrate the results of others tends to create a momentum within our community that leads to even more success.

More Larger Sales

For many newer insurance agents, the work “sales” is scary. Quite often this is one of the things holding back hardworking people from achieving the success they are seeking. We teach our students how to make more sales and build stronger packages. Shelley Grandidge uses this method to close 90%.

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