About Us

Dynamic Divaz exists for one purpose: to help Independent Insurance Agents build the life of their dreams by increasing their annual commissions, decreasing their expenses, removing frustrating broken business practices, and decreasing the hours they have to work so they have more time for what matters most.

Our Roots

Our founder, Shelley Grandidge, has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years. However, her first 15 years were nothing but pain.

You see, she (like everyone else) was thrown to the wolves. While insurance companies have great support that teaches agents how to set up deals and contracts, they are quite lacking when it comes to instruction on how to build your business.

Typically, the best you get from people within the company is “go buy leads”.

Only, leads are expensive (and terrible). Actually, the top closers in the industry only close about 10% of the calls that pick up. They are basically slamming the phones all day long with very little to show for it.

The average insurance agent only makes about $50k per year.

Heck, even the top 10% of insurance agents are barely scraping into six figure territory at a little over $100k per year.

But here’s the problem with that… They had to buy a ton of leads to do that so they aren’t actually KEEPING that much money.

It took 15 years for Shelley to realize this was messed up, that this system was broken.

She considered quitting, but instead she sold EVERYTHING and started over from scratch with the help of a mentor.

Her first year with her new business she had no prior book of business and no contact list. However, using her new method she went from $0 to $128,000 in commissions (and $500,000 in production).

It didn’t stop there, the next year she did it again hitting $220,000 in commissions (and over $700,000 in production).

Then the next year… $299,000 in commissions.

Then the year after that… $375,000 commissions (and $800,000 in new production).

She went from ready to quit the business to $375,000 in commissions in just 4 years. She’s won multiple agent of the year awards and only works about 30 hours per week.

Oh, and she’s a SOLO agent. She doesn’t have a big team working for her. It’s just her.

So the program that we teach here at Dynamic Divaz is the exact step-by-step system that Shelley used to do this (and continues to use to do this).

Free Training

  • Six Figure Commissions
  • Avoid Wasted Money On Bad Leads
  • Never Make Another Cold Call
  • No More Overtime Work Hours

“Based on Shelley’s instructions, I set up my first four referral partner meetings after attending a networking event. I really enjoyed Shelley’s method of networking. Truthfully, I almost backed out at the last second, but I knew my next one-on-one training call with Shelley was coming up and that helped keep me accountable to my goals. That was what I needed to get myself going. I’m actively seeking out opportunities to speak, now, and have a plan in place to make the most out of that time. Thanks Shelley for your guidance, support, and encouragement! I’m looking forward to the group training and my one-on-one training calls! I’ll keep using your worksheets and materials to get the ball rolling!”


“I had been in this industry for 16 years. Shelley’s story and methods for success are helping me get back in the saddle and start growing my income again. I had went through a lot of changes over the years that lead me away from what was working. Luckily, with Shelley’s guidance and support, I have a clear path forward. I’m more organized than ever before and have a good handle on my numbers from month to month. Shelly’s teaching and worksheets help me stay on track and keep me focused each day. Also, your method for finding and reaching out to previous clients was exactly what I needed and has resulted in more sales already. Thanks!”


“I just want to thank Shelley for openly sharing her methods for success and passing them on to others like me! Shelley’s sales methods are exceptional and are already helping me close more Medicare sales. The method she taught me to present options for Medicare and total per option are working great. Shelley is so transparent and doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to helping me reach my sales goals. Plus, I’ve started to build referral partners using Shelley’s methods and am already seeing referrals come in. I wasn’t making these efforts before, but the right coach keeps me focused on what matters.”


Free Training

  • Six Figure Commissions
  • Avoid Wasted Money On Bad Leads
  • Never Make Another Cold Call
  • No More Overtime Work Hours

About Shelley

I’m a Hard Worker

“I tend to really go all in and work hard at stuff. If you want to get the most results, I recommend you do this with anything that’s important to you. Whether that be insurance sales or something else.”

I’m a Mom

“I have a daughter and I love her very much. I’m very blessed to get to travel with her often now. This is the thing I’m most grateful for when it comes to my insurance sales numbers.”

I’m a Wife

“I have a husband. He’s a great man (and my biggest fan). He’s also in the insurance industry.”

I’m an Active Agent

“I still am an active agent in the insurance industry. All the strategies in my program I use on a regular basis.”

I Like to Party

“I like to go out with friends and have fun. I do a lot of “girls weekends”. I’m very grateful for the freedom my referral system gives me.”

Agent of the Year Award
Shelley Grandidge was the first woman in this company’s long history to win Agent of the Year, which is the agent with the most insurance sales.